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The King’s First Dream project has received international coverage after it appeared on the CBS and ABC National Evening News, the BBC, and in USA Today. It was also featured by Charlie Rose on CBS This Morning and named the “Best New Thing in the World Today” on the Rachel Maddow Show. Articles also appeared in the New York Post, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, The Guardian, Huffington Post, and the Atlanta Journal–Constitution. In addition to being featured in hundreds of other local newspapers and on radio stations, articles have been published in Canada, Japan, Nepal, China, Ghana, New Zealand, France, Brussels, Australia, and even translated into Dutch, French, German, and Italian. Dr. Jason Miller, the project’s director, was also interviewed on NPR and live on CNN.

Many of the broadcast media files are available below.  Also, please visit the blog or the Events page for information on upcoming activities.




USA Today



NPR “Morning Edition” with Rene Montagne




Atlanta Journal

Atlanta Journal-Constitution


Huffington Post

HuffPost Black Voices

Calendar of Events

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  1. Lena Cox-Walker says:

    WOW! Being a native of Greenville, NC and a 30 year veteran educator, I am living proof that we should never close our minds to the possibility of learning new things. At age 58, this is my very first time hearing (I think) that Dr. King delivered this speech first in a town so near to my home. As an elementary public school teacher in eastern NC (Pitt Co.) for all these years, I am deeply sadden on one had to feel a sense of deprivation for my past students . However, on the bright side of the situation, I am still alive and can still impact the lives of our children today and in the future. I was so excited to learn of this news and look forward to sharing it with as many people as I possibly can no matter their nationality BUT especially young black children. Thanks so much for sharing this info although it may not be new to some it is for me (as far as I can remember)!!!!

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